Where does the name J. Mack Studios come from?  We often get called Jay and occasionally Mack. There is no Jay nor is there a Mack. One of the main reasons we started J. Mack Studios was because of our 3 kids. Jack, Annette and Clare. Kevin was traveling way too much with his job at the time and wanted to spend more time at home. Jack, Mary, Annette, Clare and Kevin. Take the first initial of each of these names and there you have it. J. Mack was born! Our goal was pretty simple: go out and find customers, take good care of them and give them great products at competitive prices. Sounds ridiculously simple, but really, it is that simple. We started off in 2002 in a 900 square foot space. We have since moved into our current 3400 square foot location, and now have an incredibly talented and hardworking team of eight.

Every job we get is custom and therefore information and communication is critical. We work very closely with our customers to ensure that their orders are produced accurately and in a timely manner. Our creative in-house art department can help take the idea in your head or the idea you sketched out on a bar napkin last night and make it look fantastic! We take pride in the customer relationships we have developed over the past several years in business. Those customers include Electric Boat/General Dynamics, The Mystic Seaport, The Mystic Aquarium, The Ocean House, and Roger Williams Zoo. Equally important (and too numerous to list) are the retailers, restaurateurs, plumbers, electricians, contractors, landscapers and home improvement companies who, like us, work hard day in and day out.   We also take pride in serving local schools, PTOs, teams and leagues, providing them with uniforms, fundraising products or school spirit attire. We’d love to add you and your organization to our growing list of satisfied customers!

The Crew

Kevin  Owner


Mary  Owner


Ken  Manager & Graphic Design

Manager & Graphic Design

Pat  Embroidery


Irene  Manager


Jarred  Screen Printing

Screen Printing