Artwork Guidelines

J. Mack Studios accepts various formats for artwork depending on the decorating process.

Screen Printing

Vector Art: Adobe Illustrator (.ai), editable EPS (.eps), and Acrobat PDF (.pdf ).

Saving a .jpg as an .eps, .ai or .pdf does not make it vector.

Vector artwork is composed of paths, lines, curves, and shapes.

Vector artwork that is saved correctly can easily be transformed into a screen-printed product.

Convert all fonts to paths or outlines.

If we do not have your chosen font installed, we may not be able to access it. If you convert the font to paths or outlines, the font’s shape will be preserved.

We also accept non-vector artwork saved as an Adobe PhotoShop file (.psd) or an image file (.jpeg, .tiff, etc.). Be sure to use high-resolution photos and remember to include any links

Photos are not composed of vectors, so they will become blurry and unusable if they do not have a high resolution. Try to use photos that have a resolution of at least 300 dpi. We can not work with 72 dpi files commonly found on the internet.


We accept vector art or high resolution images for embroidery.

Each art file must be digitized (converted into stitches) for the embroidery process. This process does result in a fee depending on the amount of stitches in the design.

If you don’t use vector graphics or provide an acceptable format, understand that our design department may need to re-create your design for the best results, possibly resulting in an art fee.

Each project is unique and in some cases the artwork may need some special care. Feel free to call or message us for more information.